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Pleasanton is a flourishing suburb located about 45 minutes outside of the beautiful tech hub, San Francisco. The city, home to a population of just shy of 100,000 residents, has been ranked as one of the best places to live. There are countless reasons, but most notably its ‘perfect’ weather, thriving community, and the sheer overall fact that it is as ‘pleasant’ as its name says.

Summers are just warm enough to saunter in a local wine shop for a fine glass of wine. And winters, not too cold, but chilly enough to drive you into any of the locally owned shops that line Pleasanton’s downtown streets for a warm beverage. The city is also known for its abundance of parks and recreation, boasting 9,090 acres of lush green grounds, including natural preserved areas for cyclists, equestrians, and hikers.

Pleasanton is home to prime real estate. Considering all this area has to offer, it is clear that there is an overflow of positives to make itCui home!

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